So you think you are rad and want to spread the radness?  Join our Rad Crew of Ambassadors and help us distribute our rad round towels worldwide.


What does a Rad Crew ambassador do?

A member of our circle thinks outside of the box! They are unique, spontaneous and share a deep love for the sea <3 They spread their rad-ness with everyone they meet.

What can a member of the Rad Crew expect to get out of this?

Every Round Towel Co. ambassador will receive a coupon code for their own personal purchase. You will then create your own coupon code when you sign up that you can share with friends and family so they can receive 10% off, thanks to you! You will receive 7.5% commission back for each transaction made using your code.

Sign up here to get started and we will be in contact shortly. Don't be square join the circle ;P