RAD towels for everyone

RAD towels for everyone

November 17, 2016

We have a towel for EVERYONE. Here is our towel personality guide that will help you find the perfect Christmas gift. Give the gift of RAD <3

Queen of the Beach

Our black and white luxury round towel with fringe is made for the classy bohemian girl. Her favorite color is black and you can find her on the beach with oversized sunglasses and a floppy hat. She prefers to work on her tan rather than catch waves, but that’s totally ok… she is the queen of the beach after all.


The Tropicana

Tropical Round Beach Towel

The Tropicana was made for the vibrant and eccentric! With so many colors and shapes our rad round towel with white fringe is bound to turn eyes at the beach, just like the girl carrying it. This girl isn’t afraid of color and is bold in her wardrobe and actions. You can catch her surfing or making sand castles on the beach.


The Hippy Nest

Aztec Hippy Round Beach Towel 

Our hippy sanctuary is the perfect resting spot for the easiest of souls. This girl or boy is calm collected and in love with life and all it has to offer. The Aztec patterned round towel is the best travel buddy for the wanderlust. The Hippy Nest is the perfect companion for the beach, mountains and desert.


The Pizza Babe

 The Pizza Round Beach Towel

The Pizza Babe has humor. She loves food and is not ashamed for the world to know. This over- sized pizza is sure to make you the talk of the beach. This girl is easy going and down to earth. You will find her eating pizza and drinking beer on the beach, she won’t share ;D




The Chocolate donut is for people who appreciate the classics. These people are original and sweet. They are definitely dessert people and will usually opt for dessert over dinner.  They have a major sweet tooth and you can find them enjoying the beach early in the morning with a cup of Joe.




Everyone loves the melon towel with its beautiful pastel coloring and sweet appeal. The girl who rocks the Round O Melon is a sweetheart, overly affectionate and enjoys the simple summer pleasures. You can find her reading her book under a palm tree or strolling down the pier watching the sunset.



Pink Donut Round Beach Towel 

The pink donut is the ultimate beach buddy. Nothing will get you more attention on the beach than our bright pink donut. The girls that loves it is just the same. She love to be trendy and loves the spotlight. Her fun outgoing personality and humor makes her popular amongst everyone. You will find her drinking tequila from a flask and skinny dipping at midnight.


The Salty Kiwi

 Kiwi Round Beach Towel

The Salty Kiwi is vibrant and so so sweet! The girl who rocks the The Salty Kiwi is the girl next door. Wholesome and always bright just like our big kiwi towel. You can find her doing a beach clean-up or snuggling up to a book on the warm sand.


The Chella


The Chella is the definition of cool, named after the coolest festival Coachella. The colors on the Chella make it one of my personal favorites. The towel is made for the “it” girl. There is just something special about this girl, everyone is in love with her confidence and smile. You can find this girl doing whatever she feels like at the beach that day.


The Sandy Buns Burger


This burger is no joke, it’s the real deal. This person has no shame for their love of food. Salad is not a meal. They want the real things out of life and want to enjoy it fully. You can find this girl with two doubles doubles on the beach and a chocolate shake. Don’t even think about touching her burger, unless you can run fast in sand.


The Nova


One of our newest members of the rad team is the star of the beach. This girl loves the spot light. You will find her in the cutest clothes and accessories to complete her beach look. Her looks aren’t the only thing shining, she also has a stellar personality.


The Nautical Pineapple

Nautical Pineapple Round Beach Towel 

The stripped pineapple towel with fringe is a true gem on the beach. This girl loves the sea and secretly wants to be a mermaid. Her love for the ocean brings her to the sand daily for yoga, surfing and sun.


Which towel are you? 



Round Towel Co. 


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