North Shore Kauai Top 5

North Shore Kauai Top 5

February 18, 2016

Round Towel Co took another relaxing “work” trip to Kauai and this time we have complied a list of our favorite spots on the island.

1. Secret Beach “Kauapea Beach”

This secluded beach is known for … being secluded. There is a short hike through the lush tropics and then a nothing but white sand and private beach. While it is no longer “so secret” there are rarely many people crowding up the beach.


2. Lumaha’i Beach

The trail to Lumaha’i can be found on the right side of the road when traveling up the North side of Kauai. The short trail down opens up to raging waters and beautiful black rock. This beach is not ideal for surfing but the quick and strong water is humbling and amazing to watch. On a calm day the waves create endless fun for swimming and body surfing.

3. Anini Beach

Located on the North Shore Anini is know for its excellent views of the coral reef and for windsurfing. We loved it for its clear blue water and shallow water. It creates a pool like effect that is relaxing and easy. Great place for kids because the water isn’t to rough

4. Hanalei 

“In a land called Hanalei” … while this beach already trends in popularity it is for very good reason. Many say they experience a spiritual feeling of peace at the Hanalei Pier. This is the ideal beach for surfing, swimming and achieving the perfect tan. Most of our days would end at Hanalei to catch a few waves and the sunset. 

5. Ke’e Beach ( Ha’ena State Park)

This Beach can be found at the end of the road, right before the Napali Coast. When the water is not to rough this is the perfect spot for snorkeling and swimming. This is a great location because of the easy hiking access to the Napali Coast.

It may be a small island but its beauty is infinite and we still have much more to discover. 

Let us know about your rad adventures with your rad round towel! We would love to feature you on the Blog. 


Stay rad, 

RTC Crew

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